Canape MenuSkořepka 9, Praha 1

Image Item Price Amounts Total
Mushrooms stuffed with Cream Cheese and Bacon 29
Salmon Tartar on a Toast 29
Crostini, Goats Cheese and Sun-dried tomatoes 29
Cheese Ball Sun dried Tomato Walnut 25
Mini Salmon Burger topped with dill cream 35
Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream / Tartar sauce 35
Mozarella Tomato skewer 25
Deviled Egg 25
Dates stuffed with Almonds, crispy bacon 25
Frittata topped with Aioli 25
Cucumber filled with Blue Cheese 25
Grilled Eggplant with Herbed Cream Cheese 29
Grilled Red Peppar with Goats Cheese 35
Goose Liver 49
Shrimp with tomato salsa 39
Mini Sandwiches 25
Fresh Figs, Prosciutto 39
Melon wrapped in Prosciutto 29
Yorkshire Pudding / Roast beef 29
Prawn Vietnamese Spring Rolls 45
Parmesan chips 29
House Marinated Gravad Lax 35
Cranberry brie in Phyllo Pastry 35
HOT FINGER FOOD (can be also cold)
Glazed Meatballs 29
Salmon Skewers with Coconut-Mango Chutney 39
Saffron Risotto Rice Balls (tomato sauce) 29
Chicken Skewer, Peanut Sauce 39
Beef Curry Puffs 29
Falafel with Joghurt Sauce 29
Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Sauce 35
Spring rolls Chicken or vegetarian 39
Hummus / Pita Bread 39
Caesar Dip 59
Sun-Dried Tomato Spread 59
Tomato salsa / Tortilla Chips 49
Guacamole / Tortilla Chipa 79
Cream Cheese and Chive Spread 39
Tzatziky 39
Death By Chocolate Squares 29
Lemon Pie 25
Strawberries in Dark or White Chocolate 25
Fruit Skewers 25
Cheesecake Vanilla , Strawberry, Chocolate, Pumpkin or Peanut 25
Caramel Honey Nut 29
Carrot Cake Squares 29
Brownies (classic, lemon, candied orange, peanut butter, coffee, coconut 29
Total: 0
Please note that packaging and transport fees not included.